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I'm a full-stack web developer with a combination of multi-disciplinary skills and experiences. This skillset allows me to consider the problem at hand from different perspectives to choose and engineer the best solution.

I'm a big fan of the Meteor framework. Having an interesting project or idea? Let's get in touch!

My skillset

Skills and Experiences


Founded and ran an SaaS business (exited in late 2013).

Look at a problem from various perspectives (user, developer, business stakeholder) to discuss and engineer the best solution. Be aware that sometimes the best solution may be a non-technical one.

    Think thoughtfully. Questions I often have in mind when solving a new problem:
  • "Is this a real, valid problem? Can we improve our business modal/processes/operations so that this kind of problem doesn't exist in the first place?"
  • "Should I solve this as a stand-alone issue, or is it part of a larger problem?"
  • "Besides solving the problem, is there anything I can do in this part of the codebase to pave a better road for future development work?"

Pay attention to and be aware of the importance of small details, in everything, be it conversation, feature description or code.

Be proactive and resourceful. I can work without supervision and need very little instruction to get things done, the right way. I can talk with the customers, realize what they really want to say but don't know how, identify the main pain points, and provide the best solution suite including business processes, technologies, UI, UX and coding.

(Really) listen to others. Not only understand what they want to say, but also try to be aware of their thought process, motivation, emotional state, potential bias,... and combine these insights to have better collaborations.

Write code that is beautiful, elegant, well-structured and reusable.

Build applications that are not only functional but also beautiful, delightful and easy to use.


My background & tech stack

Technical Background


I have been working with Meteor extensively for more than one year (since version 0.6.5).

I worked at Useful IO LLC, a San Francisco-based development shop, and contributed to several Meteor projects.

Currently I'm a Meteor developer at Cinarra, a technology startup that aims to disrupt the economics of the mobile industry by redefining the role of the network operators and over-the-top platforms.

Technologies I have experience with:

  • Proficient: ECMAScript/JavaScript, CoffeeScript
  • Used in the past: Java, Python, Ruby
  • Interests and curiosity: C, Lisp, Swift

Tools: jQuery, Underscore.js, D3.js, Moment.js, Fabric.js, Bootstrap 3, LESS

    Test Driven Development:
  • Test runner: Velocity
  • Unit and Integration tests: Jasmine
  • End-to-end tests: Cucumber (with WebDriver for browser automation)

Design Language: Google Material Design

Database: MongoDB (familiar), MySQL (basic exposure)

APIs: Saasu, Braintree, Facebook, Google Maps


Projects I've Worked On

Past Projects

2014 March - 2014 June


Special order anything from Japan
(Meteor Application)


    Architected and implemented the order management process, including:
  • Order creation, modification & cancellation
  • Payment processing (using the Braintree API)
  • Collaboration flow and tool for customers and staffs
  • Demonstration: http://www.screencast.com/t/NfwbJyPHKza
    Implemented the packages life cycle management process, including:
  • Management of packages moving in and out of warehouse
  • Consolidation of small packages into a single package
  • Package shipping

Architected and implemented an API for easy interaction with the Saasu online accounting platform (https://github.com/usefulio/meteor-saasu)

Architected user roles scheme and implemented admin panel for users management

Integrated the MessageFormat package for multilingual support

Made key decisions on UI and UX of various application views

2014 July - 2014 September


Admin module for SmartTAB
(Meteor Application)


Refactored a large unorganized codebase into a well-structured application

Made key decisions on UI and UX of various application views

Implemented Menu Designer - a gradient responsive grid where owners of restaurants and bars can create, modify and arrange menu items by drag-n-drop. Each cell's foreground and background colors are automatically calculated based on the item's relative position within the grid, using an algorithm that makes sure texts are always easily readable.
Demonstration: http://www.screencast.com/t/JTYCWIdzrAv7

Implemented Room Simulator - an interactive pad where business owners can design basic layout of a room. Built with Fabric.js.
Demonstration: http://www.screencast.com/t/JEqWXWdg5p

2014 September - 2014 October


Gourmet food trucks now bookable online
(Meteor Application)


Implemented the customer management module

Implemented trucks filtering functionality

2014 December - Present


Disrupting the economics
of the mobile industry
(Meteor Application)


Full-stack development

Introduce TDD to the project and build comprehensive test coverage for both front-end and back-end

2014 January

Meteor URL Shortener

(Hobby Project)

A weekend hobby project I did in early 2014. Features:

URLs management: Registered users can manage their previously-created URLs and mark URLs as private

Secured pub/sub pattern to protect private URLs

Sever-side routing for faster URL redirection. If the requested URL is private, the app will switch to client-side for user authentication

URL schema for data integrity (using the awesome aldeed:collection2 package)

Real-time statistical tracking including number of visits by browser, OS and country

UI & UX inspired by the awesome Material Design guideline from Google

Source: github.com/npvn/meteor-url-shortener | Demo: shorten.meteor.com

2013 January - 2013 October


Online Backup & Sync Service
Targeting Vietnam Market
(Private Business)

    IMABOX is a company I founded in early 2013. The company aimed to provide an affordable backup and sync service for Vietnamese internet users, with the following features:
  • Fully localized User Interface
  • Technical support in local language
  • Offline payment options for people not having access to an online payment tool
  • Reasonable price compared to Vietnam's living standard

We obtained a reseller license from Livedrive Internet Ltd, a UK cloud storage company.

    My roles:
  • Assembled and managed a team of students from multiple disciplines
  • Developed a website and integrated it with the Livedrive API
  • Planned customer acquisition and marketing strategies
  • Designed the customer support process and trained the support team
  • Financial planning

Writings & Open-source projects

More about me


I occasionally write about Meteor at phucnguyen.info/blog.




I'm very open to new opportunities. Having an interesting project or idea? Let's get in touch: