About Me

I am a full-stack developer with a combination of multi-disciplinary skills and experiences. This skill set allows me to consider the problem at hand from different perspectives to choose and engineer the best solution.

    My skill set:
  • Founded and ran an SaaS business.
  • Looking at a problem from various perspectives (user, developer, business stakeholder) to discuss and engineer the best solution.
  • Paying attention to and being aware of the importance of small details, in everything, be it conversation, feature description or code.
  • Being proactive and resourceful. I can work without supervision and need very little instruction to get things done, the right way. I can talk with the customers, realize what they really want to say but don't know how, identify the main pain points, and provide the best solution suite including business processes, technologies, UI, UX and coding.
  • (Really) listening to others. Not only understanding what they want to say, but also trying to be aware of their thought process, motivation, emotional state, potential bias,... and combining these insights to have better collaborations.
  • Writing code that is beautiful, elegant, well-structured and reusable.
  • Building applications that are not only functional but also beautiful, delightful and easy to use.

Technical Expertise

I have worked as a full-stack developer for most of my career and had exposure to a wide range of technologies, but my expertise lies in React, Meteor and the Node.js ecosystem. I have been using Meteor in several production projects since 2014 (Meteor@0.6) and have expert understanding of the framework and the technologies around it. I enjoy digging into Meteor's internal code and have contributed to Meteor core.

My current favorite tech stack includes Meteor, Node.js, MongoDB, GraphQL, Apollo and AWS Lambda on the back-end, with React, emotion and theme-ui on the front-end. I enjoy using them to design architectures that solve sophisticated problems, especially in scaling, security, and data management.

Work Experience

Lead Developer @Verso Learning


Verso is an online platform that helps teachers boost student engagement, increase classroom collaboration, improve literacy outcomes and develop students` critical and creative thinking while measuring student progress and growth to enable personalization of learning. Verso has been empowering hundreds of thousands of teachers and students in over 100 countries.

    Achievements and responsibilities:
  • Designed a new architecture that expanded a legacy Meteor back-end into a hybrid system powered by both Meteor and GraphQL (Apollo), resulting in a powerful API that is both highly flexible for a wide range of use cases and easy to work with.
  • Redesigned and refactored Verso from a single-teacher online classroom into a collaborative multi-teacher platform, paving the way for Verso to become a schoolwide comprehensive data and analytics system.
  • Implemented "Feed Stream" - the most feature-packed and data-intensive view of the Verso app so far. The feed aggregates a huge amount of data generated from teachers and students` activities and provides the ability for teachers to interact with all schoolwide events in one place, all the while maintaining performance, data integrity and data privacy.
  • Refactored a huge internal data migration that originally would take 30 hours to eventually took 1 hour.
  • Revamped the mobile Cordova binary building pipeline for a more streamlined deployment process.
  • Designed a new system for monitoring Cordova clients` update status with a more fine-grained update control mechanism.
  • Introduced AWS Lambda into the tech stack for exporting classroom contents. This resulted in an internal framework and guideline for offloading intensive operations to serverless functions.

Full-stack Developer @Goin

AUG 2015 - MAR 2016

Goin is a leading provider of mobility management platform for transit agencies, ride providers, and mobility managers. The platform brings subsidized and paratransit services up to speed with current industry technology, allowing people with diverse needs to share the advances in mobility management.

    Achievements and responsibilities:
  • Audited and refactored the codebase for the highest code quality.
  • Designed and improved UI & UX to fine tune booking experience.
  • Redesigned and optimized various components of the Goin Rider app to be mobile-ready.
  • Researched and applied the concepts of Material UI to the project.

Full-stack Developer @Cinarra Systems

DEC 2014 - MAY 2015

Cinarra is an analytic and mediation technology company for the mobile industry.

    Achievements and responsibilities:
  • Refactored the codebase to improve maintainability and readability.
  • Introduced Test Driven Development to the project and built comprehensive test coverage for both front-end and back-end.
  • Integrated new front-end with legacy back-end API.
  • Designed and implemented UI & UX.

Software Consultant @Ricochet Consulting

NOV 2014 - DEC 2014

Ricochet Consulting is a software development company specializing in Drupal and Meteor development.

    Achievements and responsibilities:
  • Researched, planned and implemented an internal system for managing Ricochet tasks and releases.
  • Integrated the system with external tools such as JIRA and Toggl.
  • Data structure and schema planning.
  • Front-end & back-end development.

Full-stack Developer @Useful IO

MAR 2014 - DEC 2014

Useful IO is a software development company based in San Francisco. The company specializes in building applications using the Meteor framework.

    Achievements and responsibilities:
  • Worked with clients to determine requirements and specifications.
  • Designed and built various Meteor and Node.js applications ranging from ecommerce to shipping management.
  • Explored new libraries and coding practices and introduced them to the team.

Founder & CEO @IMATECH

NOV 2012 - DEC 2013

IMATECH was a company I founded in late 2012. The company aimed to provide an affordable online backup and sync service for Vietnamese internet users with the following main selling points:

  • Fully localized User Interface.
  • Technical support in local language.
  • Offline payment options for people not having access to an online payment tool.
  • Reasonably priced (in comparison with living standard in Vietnam).
    My roles as the founder and CEO:
  • Assembled and led a team of professionals and students from multiple disciplines.
  • Planned and implemented infrastructure for the system.
  • Planned customer acquisition and marketing strategies.
  • Designed the customer support process and trained the support team.
  • Financial planning.


I mainly worked in private projects, though I was able to make some modest contributions to the Meteor community.

My most notable open-source project is pub-sub-lite, a package that provides lighter (Method-based) pub/sub and supercharges Meteor with Enhanced Methods.


I'm very open to new opportunities, especially in Meteor and Node.js projects. Please feel free to reach out via email at:

or via the form below: